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Innovation accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Since 2015, Techstars Foundation has worked to make innovation and entrepreneurship more accessible and inclusive by investing in nonprofits that deliver scalable impact for underestimated entrepreneurs.

Techstars Foundation

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Inequality is holding back innovation. You have the power to make change.

The research is conclusive: gender and racially diverse teams perform better. And yet, there is a serious diversity challenge within entrepreneurship broadly, and even more so within the technology startup ecosystem. Since 2015, we have invested more than $2.6 million in more than 70 community-driven nonprofits focused on creating a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem. Now, as we experience the outsize impact of COVID-19 and the economic aftershocks on Black and brown communities, we are turning our greatest strengths to do even more. Through your support, the Techstars Foundation creates an inclusive and thriving entrepreneurial community that reflects the diversity we see in the world.




Entrepreneurship is a powerful and scalable path to economic equity for marginalized communities.

With the Techstars Foundation investment, the nonprofits we support have trained more than 10,000 entrepreneurs around the world and mentored a new generation of VCs. The cascade of new businesses and jobs created is amazing, and it all started with the financial support of donors like you.

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About Techstars

Techstars is an investment and innovation group that connects entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, and city governments to solve challenges across industries and geographies. We pioneered the accelerator program model in 2006 working toward our vision of a connected global economy of innovation.

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