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Frequently Asked Questions

What We Fund

The Techstars Foundation funds nonprofits in the U.S. and internationally that advance equity and inclusion in entrepreneurship. Organizations and projects that are scalable, community driven, making meaningful change, innovative, and measuring their impact will be prioritized.

Grantee FAQ

Can my nonprofit apply for funding?

We are not running a traditional application process at this time. We are accepting nominations to our Accelerate Equity program. Nonprofits focused on equity in entrepreneurship can self-nominate.

How frequently will Accelerate Equity run?

We will run the process quarterly.

What does eligible mean?

501(c)3 nonprofit organizations and their international equivalents are eligible for grant funding. Fees may apply to international awards to comply with IRS verification.

We cannot fund individual entrepreneurs or for-profit companies.

While we understand the connection, we do not fund general STEM programs.

What are the benefits of participating in Accelerate Equity?

Accelerate Equity

The goals of the Accelerate Equity program are to extend access to the Techstars network, encourage financial support, and provide entrepreneurship education and events to nonprofit entrepreneurial support organizations focused on underestimated communities.

Financial Support

  • Throughout the quarter that your organization is featured for fundraising support, Techstars Foundation will encourage engagement and financial support for your organization. We’ll reach out to mentors, portfolio companies, staff, and investors on your behalf. 
  • Monthly reports will be provided so you can track progress.
  • At the end of the quarter, all donations plus an additional 20% from the Techstars Foundation will be sent on to your organization. If there is a need for a different timeline, please reach out. 
  • Those organizations that receive a high level of financial support, set at $50,000, from the network will move into the second part of the Accelerate Equity program, extending the network access for a full year. 

Network Access & Amplification

  • Attend relevant accelerator sessions by invitation
  • Attend FounderCon and other networking events online and in-person
  • Receive perks and discounts from our partners
  • Share volunteer opportunities to the network
  • Access to the Techstars global mentor community. You can request mentorship for your organization or one of your entrepreneurs around strategy, scale, pitch development, fundraising support, or other areas and we’ll make the introductions. 
  • Amplification includes optional opportunities to:
    • Write a post for The Line
    • Be featured on the GiveFirst podcast
    • Opportunities to present to staff, mentors, portfolio companies, investors and others as they arise
    • Develop a fireside chat or panel event on our Crowdcast channel. Share your expertise! (e.g. FreeFrom)

Education & Events

  • Monthly update highlighting new opportunities, events, AMAs and webinars from the Techstars network that you and your community are welcome to attend
  • Deep dives designed around topics of interest to nonprofit ESOs and/or underestimated entrepreneurs. For example, we’ve invited speakers on topics ranging from emotional intelligence to budgeting for nonprofits. Let us know your ideas.
  • Invitations to join in trainings and events alongside portfolio companies
  • Open access to the Techstars Toolkit

Supporter FAQ

What happens after I nominate a nonprofit?

After the nomination, we screen to make sure the organization is eligible and aligned with our mission. Then we activate the Techstars network to generate additional support. When the quarter ends, we send all donations plus a 20% match to the nonprofits.

Will my gift go directly to the nonprofit I choose?

Yes! Techstars Foundation will pass 100% of your gift on to your selected nonprofit and will add a 20% match to the total. Your gift goes further when we work together.

What if I don't know which organization to support?

You can index all of the organizations by making a donation to the Techstars Foundation Matching Fund.

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