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Accelerate Equity

Leverage the Techstars Network and amplify your giving

You + Techstars Foundation

You are a valued member of the Techstars network! You may already by putting your personal and corporate philanthropy to work to advance equity through entrepreneurship. You’re partners, investors, mentors, and volunteers. You #givefirst every day. Through our new Accelerate Equity program, Techstars Foundation may be able to help your giving do even more! Here’s how Accelerate Equity works:

– Nonprofits serving underestimated entrepreneurs are nominated with an inspirational gift from a donor like you.

– Techstars Foundation amplifies the nonprofit and invites additional gifts from the Techstars network and adds a 20% match on top.

– Nonprofits that garner a high level of support from the network will become a portfolio nonprofit with access to events, mentorship, network, and perks.

Become an inspirational donor and nominator for a nonprofit working to create a more diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem. Nominate a nonprofit!

Interested, but still have questions? Reach out today.

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