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Engage with the Techstars Foundation network as a mentor

How it Works

  • Sign up on Mentor Deck
  • Complete your profile and add your availability 
  • Techstars Foundation will review and publish cards weekly
  • It is then up to the founders in the Techstars Foundation network to seek out a mentor with the expertise they need. They will book time directly with you through Mentor Deck. 


  • You are expected to follow the Techstars Code of Conduct
  • Familiarize yourself with this Diversity and Inclusion training.
  • Read the Mentor Manifesto created by David Cohen
  • Do not sell your services or products to mentees unless they inquire. 
  • You are in charge of your availability. If you need a break, please take it and come back when your schedule allows.

Coaching and Consulting

We have partnership agreements with two coaching programs that offer pro-bono coaching services to underestimated founders in the Techstars Foundation network. The coaches offer six free coaching sessions and then can continue with a paid service if the founder wishes. You’re welcome to also offer pro-bono coaching or consulting with the same arrangement, but as stated in our Code of Conduct, if the founder chooses not to engage your services you must respect their choice. 


Mentor Deck allows mentees to score and provide feedback on mentors. We’ll use this feature to inform future training needs and to recognize our most valuable mentors. If at any time we receive feedback that a mentor is not following the Code of Conduct the mentor may be removed at the discretion of the Techstars Foundation.  

Interested, but still have questions? Reach out today.

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