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Make a Social Impact Pledge

Your pledge today changes the world tomorrow.

Our values inspire us to take action. From the first days of Techstars, we’ve been proud of the fact that the power of the network is recharged when we #givefirst. Today, the data demonstrates that when we are inclusive and invest in people and ideas worldwide, we have better returns. Our values and our long-term success go hand-in-hand.

Another way we take action on our values is by helping portfolio companies understand environmental, social, and governance risks and opportunities for impact early on. The Techstars Foundation and the whole ESG team help founders understand their options for mitigating climate change, improving social impact, becoming a B Corp, sorting through the UN SDGs, and more.

At the formation stage, the most important thing a company can do is commit to future action even if you can’t do everything (or anything) right now. The reality is you’re really busy growing your company. But you want to attract a founding team, amazing employees, and loyal customers who share your values. A 1% pledge is a great way to make that commitment real, and it can lead to real impact.

Your cause, your giving vehicle, your timeline. We’re here to help you navigate the details as your company grows.

Use this form to document your pledge. You do not need to decide all of the details, just get started.

Please note that we can only accept pledges from executives who have the authority to make commitments on behalf of the company.

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